Why You Want to Become a Barber

10 Reasons Why You Want to Become a Barber

So, you are thinking about becoming a barber?  Like the idea of helping men achieve the look they want or even be the one to suggest it to them? Happy to help with those daily grooming jobs that cause guys problems?  Then you are in the right place.  And just in case you were on the fence about looking at barber shop jobs, here is a whole list of reasons why you want to become a barber.

You can become your own boss

It is common to start your career at a low level as a junior barber or an apprentice, learning the ropes and mastering your art.  But in the long term, many barbers strike out on their own and become their own boss and have their own store.  This gives you complete control over all aspects of the business.  You can even start with a halfway measuring renting a chair in a salon or operating as a mobile barber.

You can start at any age

Formal apprenticeships are aimed at 16-18-year olds, there’s no reason you can’t become an unofficial apprentice at any age.  You can change your career, head on a different path and go for formal training before switching careers at any point in your life.

Let your creativity out

While there are lots of basic tasks involved with barbering, it is also a chance to let your creativity out and show that you can do.  As you build a client base and a reputation, people will come to you for more than just the basic trim and you can become a trendsetter, showcasing your ability on social media or the internet.

You can build people skills

Some of us are naturally sociable while others find it harder.  Whatever the case, being a barber learns you great social skills.  You are dealing with people all day and building those relationships is important to long-term success – you want your customers to like you and to come back.

So building or honing those people skills is another side benefit of being a barber.

The work is varied

Sure, there is an element of routine to every barber shop – customers that come at the same time every week for the same things.  But there is also the element of the unexpected, something different that comes along and challenges your skills.  Every day is a little different as a barber.

Barbers are needed everywhere

Barbers are needed everywhere

Once you are trained as a barber, you can easily relocate because barbers are needed everywhere – even in different parts of the world.  You can take your trade and move to a different city and there are always barber jobs available to apply for.  You might even find a niche where you can start your own business.

Barbers are always needed

Until someone creates a robot that can do a barber’s job, the barber will always be needed.  This means you aren’t suddenly going to find yourself out of work an unable to find another job.  Yes, bad things happen, and salons shut so you find yourself out of work.  But there are always more barber jobs available, so you will quickly find more work.

You can build your reputation

There’s always the chance that you can build your reputation and become widely known, the next barber to the stars or the rich and famous.  It is fun to have ambitions like this – be an Instagram star whose styles are known around the country or create a new trend that spreads like wildfire.  And there’s always the chance today with the internet that your styles can catch on.

Earn a good living

In the early years, barbering might not seem the most lucrative jobs but like any, wages grow with your experience.  And a time served barber working in a good salon can make a good wage, even a very good one.  So you are effectively being well paid to do something that you enjoy.

You are helping boost people’s confidence

Self-image problems can be a root of a lot of issues for people. Helping them improve their self-image with the latest hairstyle or just a simple grooming session. You are helping them feel better about themselves.  There aren’t many jobs where you can do this in a friendly, relaxed and unofficial way!

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