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Turning your Barber Shop into a Brand

The Barbering Industry is growing, thus creating more Barber jobs. The use of social media is rocketing Barber Shop growth and turning some Barber Shops into followed brands.

The Significance of Barber Brands

Though it may seem trivial the creation of specific branding within the barbering world signifies that things are changing in the industry. Barbering is quickly growing into an industry that will soon be on par with the fashion industry. This means that styles are going to only become more creative and interesting as the public focuses more and more on hair styling and barbershops. This will create more competition for barbers in the UK, but it will also create more money in general for the industry.

Branding and Barbering

One of the most significant recent developments within the world of barbering has been the creation of brands by many barber shops and salons. The idea of branding is nothing new. It has been associated with consumer based industries for many years. The most prevalent and recognizable form of branding can be seen within the fashion industry in that different makers of clothes cater to different groups and subcultures of people which helpa to create an image of the kinds of persons associated with these companies. Since the barbering industry is closely related to fashion in that it also deals with appearance and current trends it is not surprising that barber shops are also now creating their own unique brands which cater to specific demographics.

Examples of Brands

One of the best examples of a barbershop creating a unique brand can be found in Brighton at the shop known as AONO. In addition to cutting hair AONO is also a clothing brand. They have created a whole street wear based aesthetic that they have integrated nicely with a traditional barbershop setup. Harry Blades and Angry Daves is a barbershop in Bristol which also combines fashion and hair styling in order to help create a brand. Another store called Rocket Barbershop is located in Hackney, London and focuses only on haircutting. They have designed their shop to cater to the young “hip” crowd through creating a very vintage and retro vibe. Another London based barbershop called Bucks Barbers has carved a niche for itself by offering a free beer with every haircut that is purchased. The last example of a barbershop creating a brand is found at Cut Throat Pete in Liverpool. Cut Throat Pete has a very urban and industrial feel which they have incorporated into their brand. They also claim to be some of the best beard trimmer and stylists in the area which has helped to add to the uniqueness of their brand.

The Role of Social Media

One of the key factors that has allowed barbers to create their own brands is the prevalence of social media. Social media such as Instagram has allowed barbers to post pictures of their work as well as styles onto an easily and widely accessed platform. This allows more potential customers to see their work as well as get a sense of their brand. Another social media platform which has helped with the creation of brands within the industry is Tumblr. Tumblr is unique in that it allows barbers to create a whole environment on a web page which can be designed to fit the aesthetic of the brand they are trying to create. It also allows barbers to share ideas and philosophies about hair styling as well as photos of their work.

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