Trimming Facial Hair and Beards

Trimming Facial Hair and Beards

Men are definitely living in a grooming era where facial hair is considered trendy and desirable. It plays a big role in their overall appearance and look, so stellar trimming is a must! Women have even crowned men with stubble more attractive than clean-shaven men.

Whatever your facial hair preference is – whether you are aiming to grow the wildest beard at the office or you dig the edgy, manly, rugged look and feel of stubble, keeping it neat and tidy by trimming it is very important.

No one wants a beard that begins to resemble a cave dweller or stubble that starts to look scruffy and rough – drawing attention to your face for the wrong reasons. Trimming both your beard and stubble at home is much more convenient than trying to fit in a visit to your barbershop every day. After all, most of us tend to have busy schedules.

Growing a Beard

Once you have made the decision to take a leap into the world of facial hair, you then have to make the decision on how you maintain its neat, clean appearance. Will you make a visit to the barbershop or will you maintain it at home?

Visiting a barber is a great way to look good but maintaining it home is all about convenience and saving time. Before you grow a beard, discover what is required to maintain it. Do not just grab a trimmer and start cutting away. That is a recipe for disaster.


Purchase the correct tools to keep your facial hair looking sharp and crisp. You will need combs, a trimmer and good quality scissors. You are all good to go!

Step 1

To get the beard trimming started, give your beard a thorough wash and then treat it with conditioner. Once you have done this, ensure that the beard is bone dry. It is the complete opposite of a shave at home.

When shaving, the facial hair should be wet, when trimming the facial hair it must be dry. This way you will have a successful trim that will leave you happy and pleased with your work!

Step 2

Comb out your clean and bone dry beard in a downward motion ensuring that every hair is travelling in the same direction.

This will allow you to cut consistently and ensure the trimming process goes smoothly. If you also have a moustache, you must treat that in exactly the same way.

Step 3

To begin the trimming process using your trimmer, have the guard set to the highest level it will go.

Remember, once you cut too much off your beard there is no going back. So be cautious and start the guard high, working to a lower grade once you gain confidence and can judge the amount being trimmed.

Step 4

Just like the fading process from your hair to your neckline, your jawline to neck should have the same fade. Hold the skin taut at your neck, since neck skin can often at times be loose which means you won’t achieve the proper trim you are looking for

Step 5

Don’t forget your moustache needs a trim as well.

The hair can grow right into your mouth as you are growing your beard. Trim it to the lip line using the same technique and gradually change the length.

If you wanted to, you could try combing your longer moustache to the side to start before you start your final trim.

Step 6

Some of you might think that this is a no-brainer, but it is not. If you are holding a trimmer in your hand and you see a flyaway piece of hair standing proud, the solution is NOT to hold your trimmer near it and hope for the best.

There is every chance this procedure could end in tears. The way forward is to wait until you have finished trimming, comb your beard once more, and then snip the unruly blighter’s with your scissors. This is safer and a more professional way of dealing with the stray hair.

Step 7

The trimming process is complete and now you can relax. Hopefully, you are happy with the outcome of your labour. It is now time to put the final additions to your new look. You can complete the beard trim by moisturising your trimmed beard with priming oil, balms and any other recommended moisturiser. They not only help to keep your follicles unblocked, they also keep your beard hair shiny and healthy.

Beard trim

Remember it is not a race

Please remember this: If you are opting to shape your beard at home, this is not a race to the finish line. You must take your time to take your beard to the next level. Remember there is no undo button for bad trimming. Take your watch off next time.

Health Benefits of Having a Beard

It has been scientifically proven that beards are beneficial to your health. Thick beards protect you from UV rays and they block out 95% of UV rays from the sun. This not only protects you from burning but it also protects you from skin cancer.

When you have a beard, the pores in your skin are naturally protected against bacteria that may try to get in and cause an infection. Bacteria can come from a variety of sources and have the potential to become extremely dangerous if it has a portal into your skin. Shaving opens up those portals and allows all of the bacteria to come pouring in. When you have a beard, those portals are closed.

A beard is more than just a cool facial accessory, it is a life-saving device. With all of the health benefits that beards offer, it is clear to see why they are becoming more and more popular. The next time someone tries to tell you that your beard needs to go, all you need to do is remind them that your beard gives you a longer life, healthier skin and you look awesome.

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