The Resurgence of the Barbering Industry and Barber Culture

The Resurgence of the Barbering Industry and Barber Culture is Creating more Barber Jobs.

In London and throughout the UK and Ireland, the barbering industry has been growing and developing in recent years, this trend is predicted to continue and lead to an even more developed market. The growth of the barbering industry has many contributing factors with one of the most obvious being economic. A less apparent factor which is causing the increase in business and demand within the barbering industry is the male population’s trend towards switching from unisex salons back to more traditional barber shops. This has lead to a growing amount of new barber shops as well as training academies which cater towards training barbers for working at a traditional shop.


New Opportunities

One of the most exciting consequences from the recent growth in the barbering industry is the increase in new opportunities that were previously unavailable. One of the biggest opportunities being provided through the growth is the ability for more barbers to find work and open up barber shops. This is good for the economy as well as the entire barbering industry. With more barbers and hair cutting salons in business the competition increases which in turn leads to higher quality service being provided to the customer. Also, with there being a growing focus on barbering and current hair styles from the public perspective, barbers will be forced to be more innovative and thereby help to shape and even create global styles. Another benefit we are seeing from growth in the industry is the increase of resources available to barbers. With more demand for their services barbers will be able to afford and stay up to date on all the latest hair cutting technology.

A New Breed of Barber Shops

One of the factors driving the resurgence of the barbering industry is the fact that men are migrating back to the old style barber shops. The demand for this sort of hair cutting venue is so high that a new breed of barbershops seem to be popping up on just about every corner in the UK. However rather than reverting back to barbershops from older times, many of these new shops have catered to the younger trendy crowd in both design as well as the hair styles that they predominantly cut. Three new barber shops which illustrate this meshing of an old idea with a new crowd are AONO in Brighton, Rocket Barber Shop in Shoreditch, London, and SWYD Barber Shop in Cardiff. We are even seeing AONO setting up Pop-Up barber shops at various events and festivals with global brands such as Vans, Uppercut Deluxe and Monster Energy. 

Training Academies

With the increasing demand for talented barbers in the UK there have been a large increase in the interest and attendance of many of the training academies. These training academies provide future barbers with the education and hands on experience necessary to compete in the modern business climate surrounding barbering. The two most prominent and successful training academies are situated in London. They are called Total Barber and London School of Barbering. Both academies have a well crafted hands on curriculum as well as chances for the students to practice the techniques they learn on their own. As the industry continues to grow we are sure to see many more excellent barbering schools pop up.

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