I started training to be a barber in October 2013. It was unpaid practical training in a central barbershop in Glasgow. Alongside this I worked full time in customer service for an insurance company to save up to pay to complete my qualifications.
Following this in the August of 2014 I started a college course to gain my full Barbering SVQ at college.
I continued to work in the barbershop twice per week as part of my college placement.
This was meant to be unpaid however early in the college course I began to do paying customers hair during these placement days and in turn I was paid for my shifts too. This has meant I have been working as a paid barber for over two years now.

During this time I began to cut the owner of this shops sons hair who is an experienced barber and barbershop owner himself. Upon completion of my college qualifications in June 2015 he approached me and asked me to come and work for him at his recently opened store called House Martin.

Here I gained extensive training in my workplace and through the company “Shave Doctor” on wet shaves and learned many new skills with cutting hair.

The shop has grown from strength to strength and we have now won 1st place awards for best barbershop in Scotland at both the Hair & Beauty awards and the prestigious Herald Look awards. These awards were based on the services we are all qualified to offer as barbers as well as the quality of finished work from all of us.

During my time at House Martin I have worked with many people coming from across the country and I always like to watch and adopt new skills from the different techniques people use.

Further to this the face of my current workplace was a well known beard model, Chris Millington. We would do his hair and beard for everyday and professional purposes. Due to this a lot of the clientele we attracted had beards and in turn I have gained a multitude of experience and confidence handling beards.

I have managed to gain an extensive and loyal clientele and taken on more responsibilities such as cash handling and till balancing too. I usually have a set of shop keys and regularly open and set up the shop for the start of the business day, as well as close the shop down for the end of the business day.

From a personal point of view, I am already very familiar with London. I was originally born in Whitechapel but moved to Glasgow before I started school. I grew up in Glasgow but I still have a lot of family and friends in London who I like to visit regularly.

I enjoy travelling, mostly to cities in Europe and regularly visit friends in Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Ibiza. I am very social, I enjoy going out and conversing with different people which I think is an essential part of being a barber. Being able to relate to individuals and making your client feel comfortable and happy in the barber chair is an essential part of building and maintaining a regular client base.

I go to the gym regularly and enjoy running outdoors (when the Scottish weather permits it). As well as skiing and snowboarding abroad and in Scotland too.

I like to think I have a great sense of humour, can take a good joke and as well as join in on fun being made. I think this is also a good quality for a barber to have when it comes to pleasing and building relationships with clients.

I have been single for about a year now which I am thoroughly enjoying, however the last year in Glasgow has made me realise that a move to London would help me fulfil my potential professionally as well as socially. I feel that working and living in such a small city limits myself and what I am able to achieve.

I have a fantastic relationship with my current boss as well as with my previous. Due to the nature of their relationship it means I still regularly see my old employer and I’m sure both would be happy to speak to you regarding a reference as well as the management of my old workplace who I am also still in contact with and pay social visits to regularly.

I have a professional Instagram account:

Here you will find some examples of my work.



City of Glasgow college

August 2014 / May 2015 Gents hairdressing SVQ


The barber under the bridge

October 2013 / June 2014 Apprentice barber

The barber under the bridge

June 2014 / June 2015 Barber

House Martin Barbers

June 2015 / Present Barber