Joshua Vaughan Bouvier

Address: Greenleaves, Bridle Lane, Loudwater, Rickmansworth WD3 4JG

Telephone numbers: Mobile: 07738 021 575 / Home:- 01923775386

Email address:

Date of birth: 13th April, 2003

National Insurance Number:

PJ 20 65 73 B




January, 2020: Barber-training trial at ‘Agy’s Barber Shop’, South Woodford E18 1JJ

October-December, 2019: Level 2 Diploma in Barbering at ‘London School of Barbering’, Farringdon EC1A 9JX


March – August 2020 Hair for Men Academy.


Qualification: NVQ2 Diploma in Barbering.


Schools attended:-


2014-2019: Ruislip High School

2006-2014: Bishop Winnington Ingram CE Primary School


Barbering Skills & Experience Acquired:

● Clippering
● Fading
● Scissor over comb
● Clipper over comb
● Texturising
● Some long hair experience
● Beard trimming
About me & why I want to be a Barber:-

I have always had a natural interest for hair, and since the age of 13, I began experimenting with different styles on my own hair, including having a perm, and since then have become progressively keener on the idea of becoming a professional barber.

I’m keen to put all my skills into practice within a friendly and buzzing environment.

I’m highly creative and I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes men’s hair. I see myself as a highly competent and successful barber in the future.

I am a friendly, kind person with a good sense of humour and am I am very hard working with a strong willingness to succeed in my field.

Hobbies and Interests:-

I enjoy riding my mountain bike, and also my dirt bike. I like spending time with my family and friends. I go to the gym several times per week, and enjoy lifting weights.


Personal achievements:-

I am a former karate student – I reached 1st KYU (one rank from black-belt).

I also progressed to a good level in swimming when I was younger, and I’m still a strong swimmer to this day.