I am a 25 years old barber from Romania and I just moved to UK.

As an experienced barber with an open mind to learn constantly, I believe that I can make a good fit in

one of your shops.

During my journey as a barber, I have developed strong skills in inspecting hair, face, and scalp of

clients, and recommend best solutions and treatment. I am able to talk clients about hairstyle

options, wash, and condition hair, cut and trim hair in keeping with client’s instructions or

preferences. Moreover, I am adept at taking payments from clients and clean and wash all tools and

area after work.

Please refer to my enclosed resume which will provide you with complete details of my

qualifications and skills.



Work Experience

Creative Hair, Constanta, Romania

• Over 8 years experience in providing great hairdressing services to clients from different

backgrounds in Romania

• I am comfortable with almost all technical barbering skills: blunt cut, point cut, deep point cut,

pivot point cut, hair tattoos, freehand, layering, over-direction, clipper cutting, disconnection,

fading, tapered neckline, dry and finish hair, finger drying, outline, clipper-over-comb, scissors-
over-comb, texturising, thinning.

• I started this hair adventure at the age of 14 years old when I wasn’t satisfied by my barber and

from that moment I decided to cut my own hair. Few months later, after I got some experience, I

had my first clients (my brother at first, then our friends, 3 years later – the entire neighbourhood).

• Even if this whole haircutting thing started as a necessity for me, it became in the end my biggest

After I’ve finished highschool I joined a barbering course to make a carrer in this domain.

• Finnaly, after I get my barber diploma, the owner of the salon where I practiced, noticed my skills

and offered me a job as a barber.

That salon was only for ladies and I started from 0 clients.

• After few years of work, when i decided to go on my own I had approx. 200 clients.

I transformed one room from my apartment in a hair studio and since than I worked alone as self-
employed and I still have all those clients with me plus more.



• Develop my barbering skills and learn continuously new things

• Learn to wet shave and maybe color mens hair like a pro (in my country this services is not popular so i didn’t practice)

See some of my work here: