I consider myself to be a confident person, motivated to complete any task put before me to the best of my ability and responsive to any situation in a calm, professional and collective manner ready to take control and direct events around me or the task at hand. I consider myself courteous, self motivated and a good communicator that works well in groups when required, always with a smile who enjoys social interaction personally and professionally at any level whilst always prepared to respect people and opinions .

With my previous employers I was fortunate enough to be handed early responsibility to develop my self confidence in handling clients and the general public at all levels always in a mature and professional manner including financial responsibility, cash management and teams of up to 4/5 co- workers. Always prepared to learn more, willing to work hard and to the best of my ability, develop my capacity in all areas to accept new responsibilities.

I particularly like the challenges and experiences gained in dealing with all types of people, places, and work environments and wish to continue my personal development in such areas developing and learning new skills to assist my future personal goals and career development.