The Roguery is more than just a barbers. Its a lifestyle.

It is a space to be yourself, or to be whoever you want.

Working in conjunction with The Brew Project, the Roguery offers its Cambridge customers a place to eat, drink, work, and relax, and look good.







The Roguery is looking for a new Head of Barbering, to help shape the future of the business.

Not just will an appropriate candidate be an experienced and talented barber – keen and able so share their knowledge and skills with the team around them – but they will also be someone looking for management and leadership development.

The role includes taking daily responsibility for Barbering Services on site, and includes a superb opportunity for the successful candidate to bring their own ideas and concepts to life, all the while whilst being provided the support and knowledge of experienced business professionals, to help realise these aspirations and make an impact in the UK barbering world.