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Getting Started as a Barber

Getting Your First Barbering Job – With the continuing growth of the barbering industry in the UK getting your first job is only becoming harder and harder. Not only is getting a job essential so that you can financially provide for yourself, but it also is essential for gaining the experience you need in order to grow as a barber and develop your skills and style. Adding to the trouble of getting a first barbering job is the ambiguity of partnerships and other situations such as renting chairs. All this information can be difficult for beginning barbers to sift through and decide which option is going to be best for them so that they can ultimately reaching their barbering goals. Below is a brief guide for newly qualified barbers on the steps they can take to gain experience and get the best job possible for their goals and situation.

Apprenticeship – Getting an apprenticeship is an excellent way to get a feel for how a barbershop or salon runs. It is often a common first step those coming from a barbering program choose to take. Any apprenticeship that is worthwhile will be paid, though the pay will in general be much lower than what the average barber makes. An apprenticeship can last anywhere from two years to three years. The major disadvantage of an apprenticeship is the lack of actual hair cutting you are able to do. However, the advantage of an apprenticeship is that you get hands on training not just on cutting hair, but also on how to run a salon or barbershop as a business. For many this is valuable experience that is useful for helping them establish their own business.

Rent a Chair – For those who do not want to go the route of apprenticeship the most common other option is to rent a chair at a barbershop or salon. There are a couple of different ways in which you can do this. One way is that you pay a salon a certain amount of money per month in order to have a chair there. This makes you essentially self employed and dependent entirely on your own customer base. The other way in which you can rent a chair operates more like you becoming the employee of a salon and giving them a certain percentage of your earnings and you will receive some sort of wage from them. This provides more financial security, but there is also a lesser earning power.

More Schooling – The last way to get the experience needed for your first barber job is to take private training courses from a barbering school. Private training courses will give you extra training and experience which will help to qualify you for pretty much any barbering job you want. The downside of taking private training courses is it costs more money up front than the other options. However, many find that the investment is worthwhile as it allows them to set up their own shops much quicker than those who did not take the private training courses. The private training courses will also teach you more technical knowledge and make you a better all around barber.

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