Our 5 Favorites For Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner, we all have to start pondering on what gifts we’d like to give to our loved ones. I find it pretty hard to shop for myself, let alone anyone else, and in particular… The Blokes.

Other than a typical bottle of alcohol like whiskey and maybe a new t-shirt or jumper which I hope they get good use out of… It’s hard not to go for the easy option of the classic, cheap lynx box set their mum would have used as a stocking filler year after year since when they were 13. I prefer to go the extra mile when buying gifts for others and get them something they will love and use, and hopefully, that goes a long way! Rather than a cheap alternative from the local drug store.

So I have come up with a list of our favourite top 5 men’s grooming products which might help you out during your Christmas shopping this year.

1.A new beard trimmer – there are plenty on the market at the moment. In particular, we like the Braun BT5050 which has a super precise dial with up to 25 different length settings.

Bruan Beard Trimmer

2. A new beard wash – it’s important to keep your beard clean. If you’re sporting a longer beard, it probably gets touched a lot – and not just by you! – so imagine all the bacteria, not to mention the crumbs that might have gotten lost in there, so keep it clean. We like Murdock Beard Shampoo from the grooming lab of one of London’s most popular barber shops. Its aim is to detangle your beard and reduce static frizz.

Murdock Beard-shampoo

3. A beard oil – after washing your beard, it’s always good to condition it with an oil to keep it soft, tame and protected. We love Elemis Smooth Result Shave & Beard Oil. This oil can also be used pre-shave if you are using a razor. It helps to soften the hair and smells incredible!

Elemis Beard Oil

4. A professional hair styling – there’s nothing worse than getting your hair cut and styled at the barbers, trying to replicate it the next day and realising it isn’t possible without a bit of that lovely wax/clay/cream they used. Besides who likes the cheaper stuff anyway? It doesn’t last as long and definitely doesn’t smell as good. We love – Osmo Pomade Hold. It smells delicious, it’s lightweight and doesn’t make you look like you have dandruff.

Osmo Styling Pomade

Another one we love is American Crew Fiber American Crew Fiber

5. A shaving stand – somewhere to keep your razor upright and air your shaving brush out. It looks smart, it’s cleaner than wiping it on a towel and keeps the razor blades in good condition. Properly caring for your shaving essentials makes them last longer and keeps them cleaner. We recommend – Regency Collection With Bowl from the one and only Truefitt & Hill who specializes in men’s grooming needs.

TrueFitt and Hill Regency Collection

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