Grooming Tips from A Barber

10 Grooming Tips from A Barber

At one time, grooming tips were all about the ladies but that has changed.  Guys not only want to look and feel good but there is an expectation that they do this.  A professional barber sees it everyday – guys who not only want to look good but also think they have to.  So here are some tips from this professional barber to help you prioritise what grooming to add to your schedule and feel good about yourself.

Start with good hygiene

The musky smell of a working man might once have appealed to the opposite sex but not today.  Women (and other men) expect a man to smell good and that means you should start with a good basic hygiene routine.  Frequent showers, a fresh deodorant or body spray and a little cologne or aftershave will do wonders.  And don’t forget to use those wipes that are in the supermarkets to freshen yourself up if there’s no time for a shower.

Get regular haircuts

It doesn’t matter what kind of style you have for your hair, the key is to keep it well trimmed and in order (even if it is a purposefully messy look).  Hair can quickly get out of hand so scheduling a regular trip to the barbers to keep it under control is a crucial step in looking good.

Don’t be afraid to change

Don’t be afraid to change

Hands up if you have had the same hairstyle for years?  There’s nothing wrong with it if you are happy but if you are afraid of change, then don’t let this stop you.  Visiting a barber is about more than a haircut – it is a professional consultant with an expert who can give you advice.  Plus, there are loads of ways to get inspiration now – think Pinterest, Instagram and men’s grooming blogs.

Understand face shapes and hairstyles

Again, your barber will help you with this, but it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of your face shape when it comes to changing hairstyles.  Some face shapes and styles just don’t gel well.  So, get a good idea of what might work for you before you set your heart on a look.

Consider the time to keep up the style

Some guys are opting for more elaborate styles and there’s nothing wrong with that but before choosing one, make sure you have the time to keep it up.  If it takes you an hour to get ready on a morning with your new hairstyle but you are terrible at mornings and usually roll out of bed 10 minutes before leaving the house, consider if this is the right approach for you?

Keep beards in top condition

Keep beards in top condition

Considerable facial hair is a big trend at the moment and a lot of guys pull it off well.  But they do this by keeping the beard in good condition between visits to the barber.  This means having the right tools and knowledge to make the beard look great.  And don’t be afraid to use products on the beard to keep the hair healthy and shinning.

Don’t be afraid to moisturise

The elements are tough on the skin and that’s why moisturisers are an important part of your grooming regime.  Your hair might look great but if your skin is red from the wind and dry, you are ruining your look.  So, develop a skincare routine that works for you and your skin.

Shave the night before and touch up in the morning

Shave the night before and touch up in the morning

It is often best to shave on a night time and then leave your skin to rest before doing a touch up shave in the morning, especially if you want that spotless, clean-shaven look.  This cuts back in the irritation and reduces the redness – don’t forget those post-shave moisturising products too.

Trim all of the hair

There’s more to facial hair than the area around your mouth and neck and don’t forget to keep all of it in check.  Eyebrows, nose, hair around the ears these can all spoil your look and make other grooming efforts seem a failure.  Barbers can often help with those hard to reach spots.

Keep it all going

Once you put all these measures in place, make sure you keep going!  Don’t let one aspect of your grooming regime slip or it will spoil all of your hard work and the rest of your look.  You are worth investing your time in, remember.

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