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How To Expand Your Barber Shop

  As a barber, the end goal is usually to be self-employed and either be renting a chair or have your own shop. Being self-employed no matter what industry you work in has its benefits, but in barbering you have the opportunity to really make a name for yourself and earning potential is as high

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Why You Want to Become a Barber

10 Reasons Why You Want to Become a Barber

So, you are thinking about becoming a barber?  Like the idea of helping men achieve the look they want or even be the one to suggest it to them? Happy to help with those daily grooming jobs that cause guys problems?  Then you are in the right place.  And just in case you were on

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Grooming Tips from A Barber

10 Grooming Tips from A Barber

At one time, grooming tips were all about the ladies but that has changed.  Guys not only want to look and feel good but there is an expectation that they do this.  A professional barber sees it everyday – guys who not only want to look good but also think they have to.  So here

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